Don’t Buy Into Market Mayhem

6. Don’t Buy Into Market Mayhem

By market, we are not referring to the store where you go to buy household items. A market in this context refers to the stock market. As an intending retiree you may decide to watch how the market process is carried out. Monitor the bull and bear speculations. Do not be caught in this mayhem as it may lead to regret later in life.

In 2008, we witnessed lots of investor who saw their business going down the drain because of bad market. Unfortunately, many investors out of fear pulled out their stock, this sudden reaction make things bad for them.   Because the S&P 500 Index backfire in 2009 and returned over 26 percent!

 I can understand that you are scared to invest,  Investment is a risk, but not growing your money beyond inflation could be more risky .  Investing in long time stock is a way you may earn an average of 10 percent over a long term.   This risk is worth taking and you must start early and be     smart about it , spread out  your investment by  using an appropriate asset  distribution  strategy, rebalancing periodically,  putting more money on a regular basis, keep  the costs of your investment  low, and stay put in the business for a   long time.

It is quite disheartening to see that every week there’s a new study on how unprepared Americans are for retirement, Combined with stock-market volatility, this research could lead you to give up on planning retirement also.

 Personal savers ought to disregard the clamor and increase their emphasis on individual reserve funds and spending arrangements.

When you are more youthful, you should be used to contribute for retirement and you will have time to recover if something happens, but when you retire, you won’t be as vigorous as you are before.


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