what is Mortgage (calculate Mortgage)

What is Mortgage?

Mortagage CalculatorMortgage refers to borrowing money from lender by keeping something as security. In case, the borrower fails to repay the money in time, the lender will have the right to seize the property or even sell it. In general, mortgage refers to mortgage of house and the lender gives money keeping the house as the security. While giving money, both the parties (borrower and lender) come under an agreement and failing to follow the same gives exclusive rights on the property to the lender.

Though there are several types of home mortgages, broadly they can be converted into two types

Types of mortgages

1)Fixed Rate Mortgage

2)Adjustable rate mortgages

This broad classification is based on the rate of interest. In the former type, the lender won’t have any flexibility to increase (or decrease) the interest rate and the same amount of interest is charged on the principle amount at any time. In case of adjustable rate mortgage, the lender will have the flexibility to increase(or decrease)the monthly premium based on the financial situation at that time. Let’s have a look at pros and cons of Fixed rate mortgage and Adjustable rate mortgages.

Fixed rate Interest: 

Irrespective of the future trends in the economy, borrower needs to pay only a fixed monthly installment for certain years to repay this mortgage loan. In general, these mortgage loans are taken for a period of 20 to 30 years. Some lenders even offer 10 year fixed rate mortgagesalso and no need to say that the monthly installments will be high when compared to 20 or 30 year mortgage loans.In this mortgage type, the borrower knows the monthly installment (exactly) he needs to pay and he can plan accordingly. Fixed rate mortgages are very common in USA.

When compared to other mortgage options available, one needs to pay high amount in case of fixed rate mortgage. As the lender can’t change interest rate from time to time, they try to exploit the borrower by keeping interest rate as high as possible.


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